How I Stay Organised

I really enjoyed writing about money saving for students which was slightly more informational and it seemed to be fairly well received so I figured I would spread some more of my wisdom (if you can even call it that). I wanted to talk about how I use my planner.

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Being Home

Apologies for the short hiatus, I finished my first year of uni and being back at home I’ve lost all semblance of a routine. I’m afraid my posts will be a little irregular for a while whilst I get back into the swing of things but for now I wanted to chat about being home again.

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How I Missed my GCSE exam

Picture the scene. I was in year 11 doing the most important exams of my life thus far. My absolute worst subject was chemistry, I was horrific at it. I’d messed up so many practicals that I now had to sit out whilst the rest of the class did them, I was a danger to myself and everyone around me in the chemistry lab. It was exam season and my exam was coming up. I was terrified, no amount of revision seemed to be able to prepare me for the horror of this chemistry exam.

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6 Best Free Two-Player Games

First off, sorry I missed my Monday post last week, I’ve been crazy busy with revision (I still am) and just didn’t have time, posting is likely to be a little more erratic for another month or so but please bear with me. I wrote a couple of weeks ago about what I do to keep a long distance relationship alive and said I’d talk about what games me and M. like to play together. I’m a cheapskate so all of these games are either free or under five pounds. So in no particular order… Let’s go.

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English Lit Revision Tips

Revision season is coming up (and I am definitely not procrastinating actually doing some of my own revision by writing this) and despite opting to do and English Literature degree, this subject has always been the one I’ve found hardest to revise. But having done my GCSEs and A levels and got decent enough grades to do it at uni, hopefully I have some good English lit revision tips.

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How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

My boyfriend and I have been together since January 2016 when we were both still in sixth form. He doesn’t want me to use his name so I’ll just call him M. At this time, he was at boarding school 3 hours away by train from me. Now, we are both at university 250 miles (or 5 and a half hours on the train) apart from each other. Though I say so myself, we’re both pretty expert at long distance relationships at this point and hopefully my tips on how to make it work will help at least some of you!

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March Favourites

Welcome back to my blog and welcome to my first ever favourites post! I adore watching these on YouTube and reading ones other people have done so I thought I’d give my own little twist on it. I’m not massively into makeup/beauty bits so this is going to be a little more all over the place than the beautifully organised beauty guru favourites but I’ve tried to put things into rough categories. Continue reading